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The JUST clic! and UNI fit! installation systems make the installation of Megafloor flooring straightforward, quick and uncomplicated. In the decor overview, the JUST clic! and UNI fit! symbols indicate the installation system for the respective decor.

Verlegeanleitung JUST clic!

Installation instruction JUST clic!

UNI fit Installation instruction UNI fit!
Verlegeanleitung Megafloor comfort+ Installation instruction Megafloor comfort+

Wall installation with JUST clic!


"Der Blaue Engel" certificate for laminate flooring


"Der Blaue Engel" certificate for comfort+ flooring


CE Declaration of performance DPL/CML Laminate Flooring FL001
CE Declaration of performance DPR Laminate Flooring FL005
CE Declaration of performance comfort+ Flooring CF001


Virtual Room Planner

Virtual Room Planner

3D Studio

3 steps to living space planning with the Megafloor 3D Studio.