Design hints

Which flooring is the best match for the existing or desired wall colour? Will the decor and grain match your furniture? Here you will find hints and tips for a sophisticated interior design.

The hue determines the character of the room
Bright or dark, the choice is yours

The colour and texture of the flooring have a significant influence on the effect of a room. Bright wood hues reflect more light for a room with an open, expansive character. This effect can be further enhanced or toned down by choosing an appropriate wall colour.

Darker hues on the other hand absorb light, making the room appear more compact. Here contrasts can be created with bright wall colours and colourful accessories, giving the room a very special flair.

In addition to the colour, the grain of a decor also has a major impact on the appearance of a room. Rustic flooring with pronounced colour differences creates a lively room image, while an even decor image results in a quieter atmosphere.

Horizontal - vertical - diagonal
The direction determines the effect

Tipps und Tricks Tipps und Tricks Tipps und Tricks

By choosing the installation direction for your flooring, you can have a major impact on the visual effect of your room. While installing the flooring the width of the room makes a surface appear wider. Flooring installed the length of the room makes the surface look longer.

This effect is further enhanced when flooring with a bevel on two or four sides is selected.

Flooring with Woodvision bevel

Bevelling the panel edges creates visible and perceptible joints when the elements are clicked together. This so-called bevel reinforces the nature of the floorboards and makes laminate flooring appear especially authentic.

V2 Woodvision bevel on 2 sides
Bevels on 2 sides of the floorboards highlight the length of a room.
V4 Woodvision bevel on 4 sides
A V-bevel on all four sides emphasises the special character of the floorboards.
Woodvision 4+1

4+1-Woodvision bevel

An additional bevel in the middle of the board underlines the classical tile format of stone decors.

Endless possibilities -
Design with flooring

Tipps und Tricks Tipps und Tricks Tipps und Tricks

When it comes to room design with flooring, the possibilities are virtually limitless. For example, floors can also be purposefully used as a room divider through the combination of two different decors.

Large, open rooms are visually divided, creating entirely different living atmospheres in each of the sections.

Be creative and use Megafloor flooring in your room design.

Virtual Room Planner

Virtual Room Planner

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